Medievalists read Moby Dick : cfp Kzoo2018

Medievalists read Moby Dick: A Roundtable

Call for Participants, #Kzoo2018

Why do so many medievalists especially love Moby Dick? What is it like for a medievalist to read Moby Dick against the background of medieval texts and material culture? How might we contribute to a broader understanding of this text using the tools of medieval studies? We envision a series of short presentations on a number of these issues followed by a capacious discussion of this text as viewed through our particular scholarly lenses. In a world where the humanities are increasingly dealing with scarcer and scarcer resources, we hope to open a discussion with our colleagues in American Studies and demonstrate to the wider scholarly world the benefits of broad interdisciplinary collaboration.

This is a call for participants who would be interested in giving very short (fewer than 5 mins) presentations followed by an open discussion. If you would like to join us, please send a short description of the topic you would like to discuss to

Damian Fleming:

before 1 September 2017.

A friendly reminder that roundtable participants are also free to present papers in other sessions.

Complete conference details here:



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