Kzoo 2017: Academic Theft

Academic Theft: A Roundtable

Call for panel discussants and anonymous narratives

While we as teachers regularly caution students against plagiarism, the theft of scholarly work, work-in-progress, and ideas is sadly present at all levels of academia. Unlike our students’ plagiarism, which we can discover, discuss, and address appropriately, various factors within academia often prevent such straightforward measures. One obvious example is when an established scholar takes work or ideas from a graduate student, but this situation can impact scholars at every stages of their careers. We often have no recourse in such a situations, and are forced to suffer in silence, and possibly even maintain a professional relationship with the “thief.” This issue is a fraught one, but a serious concern to many.

Our session aims to start a conversation that brings this topic to the fore without putting individuals at risk or inviting “finger pointing.” Rather, we solicit anonymous narratives from people who this has happened to and have them read by others at the roundtable. This will allow those who this has happened to have their voices heard, without fear of retaliation. The roundtable itself would consist of participants reading others’ anonymous narratives aloud, and then a group discussion of what could possible done about this. At the very least, our roundtable aims to rip the cover of silence surrounding this issue and give voice to our most vulnerable colleagues.

If you are interested in serving as a Panelist / Discussant, please email the session organizers, as soon as possible (ideally before Sept 15, 2016):

Lindy Brady (, Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
Damian Fleming (, Associate Professor, IPFW
Bre Leake (, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Connecticut

Erica Weaver (, Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University

If you would like to submit your own anonymous narrative of academic theft, please follow this link (this link will remain open throughout the year):

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