Undergraduate Manuscript Assignment



Old English

Medieval Manuscripts Assignment

Final Product: A physical or digital Poster Presentation about a manuscript


Pick a Manuscript (my list of Old English manuscripts)

Research Manuscript (a lot of this will involve “decoding” the manuscript description on the website it’s on):

What is the date of the manuscript?

Are there different layers of composition (for example, a main text and a “gloss,” which may or may not be contemporary with the main hand).

Where it is from?

Where is it now?
Where has it been (what’s its “provenance”)?

What TEXTS are in the manuscript?

What languages are present?

Where can these texts be found in modern editions?

GET physical or digital copies of these editions.

Are there illustrations in the manuscript? What kind? How many? Are they colored? Are they finished?


Research questions:

What can the manuscript context of the texts tell us about the original perception of the texts?

Is this a high-status manuscript or a more “practical” book?

How does studying manuscripts help your understanding of Anglo-Saxon/medieval/pre-modern culture?

What are the benefits and limitations of research based on digitized manuscripts?



Select and Transcribe an entire manuscript page containing at least 200 words

Create a single pane Poster presentation or Prezi (or other format, in consultation with me).

Poster presentation with feature essential facts about the manuscript but will ultimately depend on your own ability to talk through the presentation and about the manuscript for about 10 minutes.


Fell free to use my Poster as a rough model



Consider creating a presentation that could be submitted to the 2016 Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium.

Massive extra credit will be awarded.*


*Subject to project not sucking.  Participation can be team-based.



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